How to Unhide Conversation in Messenger

Messenger: Reveal Hidden MessagesProtection of one’s privacy is of paramount importance in the current era of ubiquitous social media use, and this is true both online and off. Therefore, Messenger provides an archive function to store and retrieve messages at your discretion.

hide unhide messenger messages

You may wish to conceal Messenger communications for any number of valid reasons. It’s important to be able to take your data or conversations offline, even if it’s just on your phone.

Perhaps you and your client or girlfriend are currently engaged in a conversation on Messenger in which you have disclosed sensitive or personal information. You’ve received these conversations in your primary inbox and would prefer that your loved ones not see them. Messenger’s archiving function will allow you to conceal the conversation.

When Facebook first launched, this feature was already available. But with the advent of the messenger app, things have become much simpler.

This guide is great if you want to know how to hide or unhide a conversation in Messenger.

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How to Unhide Conversation in Messenger

  • Fire up Messenger on your Apple or Android gadget.
  • Select your user profile by clicking on the profile picture in the upper left corner.

hide unhide messenger messages

  • To access past conversations, choose that tab.

hide unhide messenger messages

  • Locate the chat that you wish to reveal.

hide unhide messenger messages

  • When viewing a conversation, hold down the conversation button until the Unarchive option appears. You can now see the messages in your chats list.

hide unhide messenger messages

If you have someone blocked, any conversation you were having with them would also be hidden. You won’t be able to see their messages or chat until you unblock them. Conversations are also hidden from view if the account holder has deactivated or deleted their account.

Alternative Way to Unhide Messages on Messenger

  • Using Messenger, locate the conversation you wish to reveal. Using the search bar that appears on top of the chat window, this is simple to do. Here you will find all conversations that contain the text you have searched for.
  • Choose the hidden conversation from the list.
  • You’ll need to reply to this thread in order to unsettle it from archive status. After that, the conversation will appear in your primary conversation list.
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In addition, you can view concealed messages by submitting a message request or checking your spam or filtered message folders. Additionally, this is where you’ll find the options to archive or remove a conversation from your archive.

How to Hide Conversation in Messenger

  • Start up Messenger and sign in.
  • Select the chat you wish to conceal from the list of conversations.

hide unhide messenger messages

  • A conversation can also be located by searching for a specific person’s name.
  • Based on what you look for, a list of chats will be presented to you.
  • To delete a conversation, swipe it from right to left. There’s an archive button there; select it.

hide unhide messenger messages

  • Finished; the conversations will no longer appear in your Messenger history.

hide unhide messenger messages

Can You Hide Messages in Messenger?

We can relate to the discomfort of having a nosy neighbor peek at your chat window. We also know how frustrating it is to constantly receive messages from people you’d rather not interact with. It’s not always possible to tell people to leave you alone. The best option is to simply avoid the situation altogether to avoid any potential arguments or hurt feelings. Discreet communication seems like a good fit in this scenario.

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Do you have the option to bury a message in Messenger? You can’t “hide” a message in Messenger. A message can only be made worse by being unsent or deleted.

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