How to Unread Messages on Instagram (Updated)

Still Have Instagram Messages You Haven’t Read:Is there anything you’ve read on Instagram that you wish you hadn’t? Suppose you were perusing Instagram when you unintentionally read a few messages from an unwanted sender.

mark messages as unread on instagram

If you’ve used Instagram for any length of time, you’ll know that the “seen” tag appears directly below the messages that reach their intended recipients and are read.

This seen tag will let the sender know that the message has been read by the recipient.

So, what happens if you accidentally read a message that you later wish you hadn’t?

Or you just don’t want the sender to know you’ve seen their messages.

Thankfully, Instagram allows users to unselectively “unread” messages. If you indicate that you have not yet read a message, it will not be buried in the pile of messages that has already been delivered and read.

In this article, we’ll show you how to unread a message on Instagram and explain why you might want to.

Can You Unread a Message on Instagram?

You need a business account in order to unread a message on Instagram. Instagram private accounts are hampered by the lack of a simple method to return messages to the “unread” folder.

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Please Read:We know a secret that will allow you to unread a message on Instagram if you have a personal account. Keeping reading the article is the best option.

When you log into your Instagram for business account, you’ll notice that your inbox has been divided into two sections: primary and general. If a user is particularly significant to you, you may want to keep them in your primary tab. The “Primary” tab is where you should put your closest people, such as family, friends, and relatives. Every time a user from your primary tab sends you a message, you’ll get a notification.

By moving the user to the General section, you will no longer be alerted when they send you a message. It’s true; the message can remain in the inbox for as long as you like. When you have a moment, go ahead and give it a look. The best part is that the default setting in your inbox makes the primary tab visible, so you’ll never accidentally skim through the system messages.

Here’s how to unread a message thread from anyone, regardless of whether it was sent in the Primary or General channels.

How to Unread Messages on Instagram

Method 1: Mark Instagram Messages as Unread (Personal Account)

The unread feature is, as was stated earlier, restricted to business accounts. If you have an Instagram business account, you can use it.

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What if, however, you also maintain a private Instagram account? Or, suppose you want to unread a message from your personal account. Is there any way to undo the act of reading a message?

The good news is…

Unread Instagram messages with the help of the third-party app Hide Last Seen – No Blue Ticks.

In short, any direct messages you receive on Instagram will be archived inConceal Where I Was Before – No Blue Ticks app. Here, you can peek at private messages without alerting the sender, and your Instagram “last seen” time will be hidden.

By this time, you have likely already perused theInvisible Last Seen – No Blue Ticksapp Allows you to respond to messages whenever you like.

Method 2: Mark Instagram Messages as Unread (Business Account)

Instagram users with a business profile can easily indicate which of their conversations have gone unread. No matter where the conversation is located in the Instagram app (the main feed or the general feed), you can always choose to hide or mark it as unread.

Specifically, you can do so by

  • To access additional options in your inbox, select the menu button (three parallel lines) at the top of the screen. It resembles the “hamburger” icon in many ways.
  • Choose the thread you want to archive or mark as unread.
  • Access further details by selecting “more” after clicking the chat.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Mark as unread.”
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It’s important to remember that this is just a way to hide the conversation from your own view; it won’t actually hide it. It’s just a way to keep the threads of conversation unread until you have time to catch up. Please be aware that this feature is still unavailable on the desktop version.

Alternative Way to Unread Instagram Messages

One option is to ignore the sender’s request altogether. Without alerting the sender, you can read the private messages of strangers in the “message requests” section.

Now, if you’ve already allowed them to send you messages and the “seen” indicator appears whenever you receive one from them, you can easily limit their access. Instagram’s restrict feature lets you prevent specific users from sending you direct messages or access to your account in general.

Click the ellipses (…) in the top right corner of the user’s Instagram profile to access additional options. The “restrict” button must be clicked. You will be asked to confirm that you really do want to block someone’s messages. Select “Limit Account” to take this action.

You can avoid seen and read tags using this method, but you won’t be able to respond to their messages. Messages from someone you’ve blocked on Instagram can be read, but you won’t be able to respond.

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