How to Unsend Message on Messenger Without Them Knowing

Every single one of us is capable of saying or doing things that we later regret when our emotions are running high. While it’s reasonable to assume that others will overlook harsh words uttered in a moment of weakness, having those words committed to paper in the form of a message makes it much harder for recipients to move on. That’s because there’ll be tangible proof staring them in the face at all times.

unsend message on messenger without them knowing

But suppose you could undo this by wiping the record clean. There’s still a chance if it’s communicated via Facebook’s Messenger.

We’ll explain how to retract a message sent via Facebook Messenger without the recipient being aware of it and address any other questions you may have in today’s post.

Can You Unsend Message on Messenger Without Them Knowing?

There is currently no way to unsend a message in Messenger without the recipient being aware of it. While the ability to retract a sent message for everyone is convenient, it does have one drawback: it leaves a trace of the message’s withdrawal on both parties’ chat windows. This means that the recipient will see a message indicating that you have unsent the message the next time they go through your chat history with you.

As of this writing, there doesn’t appear to be anything you can do on the platform to rectify the situation, short of deleting the notification from their Messenger account.

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And for that you’ll need access to either their mobile device or their Facebook account. The situation is only salvageable if you have access to one of these. However, if that is not the case, we regret to inform you that we are unable to assist you.

How to Unsend a Message on Messenger

How to unsend a message on Messenger if the recipient knows it was sent by you but you later changed your mind

Step 1:Launch the Messenger app on your mobile device and sign in with your Facebook credentials (if you aren’t already).

Step 2:Upon entering your login information, you will be taken to yourChatstab, where you can see a running tally of all your conversations, listed from most recent to oldest.

You can either scroll through this list or use the search bar at the top of the screen to locate the person to whom you sent a message that needs to be unsent.

unsend message on messenger without them knowing

Step 3:When you are in a chat with this person, scroll up to find the message you want to retract. You wouldn’t have to look any further back if this message is recent.

unsend message on messenger without them knowing

Step 4:You can react to this message with a variety of emoji by tapping and holding it. Now, there are three more options accessible from the bottom of your screen:Reply, Forward, and More…Click the button below to cancel this message.Remove.

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unsend message on messenger without them knowing

Step 5:As soon as you do, a second pop-up menu will appear, this one with two choices:Unsend and Purge It From Your System.

unsend message on messenger without them knowing

Step 6:If you tap the Unsend button, the message will be deleted from the recipient’s and sender’s inboxes. Be sure it is preserved in case the conversation is reported.

unsend message on messenger without them knowing

Step 7:That settles it. You’ll see that a new message has replaced the previous one, which reads:An earlier message was canceled by you.. What you see here is what the other person sees in their chat window, except for theirs to read:ABC deleted a text message(Replace “XYZ” with your own name).

unsend message on messenger without them knowing

If you prefer not to use the mobile app but rather access Messenger via the web, you can still undo the sending of a message there.

Let us walk you through the process of resending a message in the web-based version of Messenger:

Step 1:If you are not already logged into Messenger, navigate to and enter your credentials to access your account.

Step 2:Your chat list will be on the left, and a blank area will be on the right (where the selected chat will open in a new tab or window).

Here is a list of your recent chats; use it to find the one in which you want to unsend a message. If you want to start chatting with someone specifically, just look for their name and click on it on the right.

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Step 3:Assuming you have their chat window open, scroll to the top to locate the message you wish to retract. To respond to this message, move the cursor over it until you see the appropriate reaction emoji, reply left arrow, and more options (three dots) appear.

You can access additional settings by pointing to the three dots and clicking there. Two choices will appear in a pop-up menu once you do that:Remove and Forward

Step 4:A message can be canceled by selecting the first option. There will be a pop-up asking if you want to cancel the transmission for yourself or everyone. You can select the first option by clicking the check box next to it.Remove click the Finish button at the bottom.


Our blog entry concludes with this paragraph. We now have a thorough understanding of Facebook’s unsend/remove message feature, which was introduced this year. Once limited to messages sent within 10 minutes, Messenger now allows users to recall sent messages up to 20 days in the past.

However, unsending a message will leave a notification on both users’ chat screens, informing them that you had previously sent them a message that you later deleted. Please let us know in the comments if reading our blog has helped you in any way.

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