How to Update Telegram on Desktop/Laptop

Do you want to know how to update Telegram on a Windows desktop computer? If you want a larger display and more storage space, downloading Telegram for Windows PC is a must. You should be familiar with setting up applications on Windows PCs in order to install Telegram. To take advantage of all the new features, you must update Telegram on your Windows PC after you’ve already installed and begun using it.

How to update telegram in laptop/pc

Steps to Update Telegram on Desktop/Laptop

First, read the telegram:The first step is to launch the Telegram desktop client on your computer. The icon for the Telegram app is a blue circle with a white paper airplane superimposed on a white background. To locate the appropriate application, either conduct a search for “this logo” or examine your computer’s desktop. Just double-click on the program’s icon when you locate it on your computer.

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Update Telegram on Desktop/Laptop Step 1

Tap the three-bar icon in Step 2.When you first launch it, it will show you a blank screen with a home screen. The ellipsis (or three horizontal lines) icon can be found in the top left corner of this display. When you click the menu icon with the three horizontal lines, a drop-down menu will appear.

Update Telegram on Desktop/Laptop Step 2

Three, select the options menu:Your conversations will be obscured by a menu bar on the side. Select the option that appears two taps from the end of the list. The “Settings” menu is accessible through this button.

Update Telegram on Desktop/Laptop Step 3

4. Select “Advanced” and tap the button:To change the settings, simply tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Several choices will appear on your screen. Select the option that is the second-to-last choice. Choosing that will get you to the “advanced” menu.

Update Telegram on Desktop/Laptop Step 4

Select “update automatically” and then “check for updates” in Step 5.When you select the “advanced” button, you’ll see a more extensive menu of possibilities. Under each section, you’ll find a set of potential choices. Keep scrolling down until you reach the section labeled “Updates and versions.” It’s right under the spell checker, in case you were wondering.

  • The blue text draws attention to the final choice available under this section. This text writes “update telegram,” if your telegram is not updated with the latest version.
  • To make the necessary changes to your telegram, tap on it.
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Update Telegram on Desktop/Laptop Step 5

You can adjust the settings to update mechanically in the future. The first choice in this section enables automatic updates. A control button sits close by. To activate, either tap on it or drag it from left to right.

When you do this, a pop-up window will appear whenever a new version of Telegram is available. You can expect to see this alert appear in the lower left corner of your screen. Your only action will be to tap on the notification, and the update will begin downloading immediately.

This makes it simple to install the latest version of Telegram on a Windows computer. In addition, if you set the app to update automatically, you won’t have to worry about doing so manually.


  1. Information on all the new features introduced with the release of the latest version of Telegram will also be included in the update notification.

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