How to Upgrade to Amazon Prime: 12 Simple Steps

By upgrading to Amazon Prime on Android, you gain access to an exclusive Amazon experience with many perks. The perks of being an Amazon Prime member include free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming of music and videos, and much more. Amazon regulars who wish to take advantage of Amazon Prime’s many features on Android need only sign up for the service. Just follow the instructions in this piece. We’ll show you how to get Amazon Prime on Android with a few simple taps and swipes in this article.

Here are the measures to upgrade to Amazon Prime on Android:

Upgrade to Amazon Prime on Android: 10 Simple Steps

The First Step Is To Open Amazon

The first thing you should do is open the Amazon app on your connected smartphone from the App drawer. Obviously, that’s the case.

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Then, in Step 2, select the three dots.

When you launch the Amazon App from your mobile device, the company’s homepage will load automatically, and from there you’ll need to tap the button with three dots in the lower right corner.

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Third, tap your stuff.

When you click the three dots, you’ll be taken to a page with a number of icons; after scrolling down that page, you’ll see an icon labeled “Your Things,” on which you’ll need to click; a drop-down menu will appear, and one of the options will be labeled “Your Account,” which you’ll need to press to continue with the upgrade process.

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The fourth action is to select “Manage Prime membership.”

After you’ve followed the steps above, a new page will load with several tabs; on the “Account Settings” tab, you’ll see a button labeled “Manage Prime Membership,” which you’ll need to select.

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Here’s the fifth step: hit the prime membership join button.

In order to subscribe to Amazon Prime on an Android device, open the app, and then navigate to the “Prime” section, where you’ll see the “Join Prime” button.

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Process Number 6: Mark the Box

On the following page, you’ll see the various subscription options we offer. Mark the box corresponding to the strategy you prefer.

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7. Select the Join prime button

Once you’ve decided on a plan, click “Join Prime” to continue.

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Method 8: Mark the appropriate box.

You’ll need to add a debit/credit/ATM card when you’re asked to pay for your membership.

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Nine: Fill Out the Necessary Information

Your upgrade will require payment, which you can make by entering your information when prompted. Now, please enter your information.

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Step 10: Pay with a card by tapping the “Add your card” button.

If you’re upgrading to Amazon Prime on Android, fill out the form and then click “Add to Card” to proceed with the payment.

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And with that, we’ve upgraded your Android device to Amazon Prime status. Just relax and reap the Benefits now. And if you found this tutorial helpful and would like to see more tips like how to remove your Amazon account information, click here.

Upgrade to Amazon Prime on Android

Android devices are compatible with the Prime membership upgrade service. The Amazon app now supports Prime membership. To quickly get started, please see:

  1. Crack open the Amazon:To use Amazon, launch the app.
  2. Fill out the “sign in” form:Use your account to sign in.
  3. Select the middle bar by pressing it three times:Locate the menu by pressing the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner.
  4. Use the best:Choose the best available option.
  5. Click the “watch prime video” button:Select “watch prime video” from the menu.
  6. In the video app, select the stream option.Select the Prime Video app to stream from. Pick the membership tier geared toward students.
  7. Pick an available membership tier:Choose the subscription that best suits your needs by tapping on it.
  8. Choose a payment option:Pick your preferred method of payment (either a debit or credit card) and continue.
  9. Put in the card number here:Please provide the number of the credit or debit card you’ll be using to make the purchase.
  10. Select an end date here:If you are paying with a credit or debit card, please provide the expiration month and year.
  11. Type in CVV:Next, type in the three-digit CVV code. Your credit card information has been finalized.
  12. To use a credit card for payment:If you click this, a new browser window will pop up. You will shortly receive a one-time password (OTP) on your phone from the bank. Just punch it into your web browser. The payment is complete.
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Following these steps will allow you to sign up for Amazon Prime Student on your Android device.

Get Amazon prime student membership on iPhone

You can also access Amazon Prime on your iPhone. Here are the simple measures to take to become a Prime member.

  1. Start the program:Start the Amazon Prime video streaming service.
  2. Fill out the “sign in” form:Get yourself an Amazon account right away. Log in with your existing Amazon credentials.
  3. Choose your subscription type:Go ahead and choose an Amazon Prime membership.
  4. Touch ID verification for payments:Apple’s iTunes store makes it simple to sign up for Amazon Prime on an iPhone. Touch ID verification will take you to the checkout page.
  5. Register with the iTunes Store:When you click that, a new dialog box will appear. A purchase can be made with your Apple ID after entering the associated password.
  6. Choose your mode of payment:To make a purchase, select the method of payment that works best for you, such as a debit or credit card.
  7. Key in your credit card information:Now, please enter the credit card or debit card number you’ll be using to make your purchase.
  8. Date to be entered as expiration:A credit or debit card’s expiration date is a date that must be entered along with the month and year.
  9. Key in the CVV:The next step is to enter the three-digit CVV code.
  10. To complete the order, please enter the billing name:Enter your name here so we can properly bill you.
  11. The Billing Address must be:Next, please enter your full billing address.
  12. It’s a wrap:Select “Done” in the upper right corner to finish. You should double-check all the information you’ve entered before submitting.
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Changing to Amazon Prime status works like this.

Upgrade to Amazon prime on Desktop

The desktop version of Amazon Prime is simple to upgrade to. To find out how to do that, please refer to these instructions.

  1. Launch your web browser:Invoke the web browser of your choice.
  2. Launch the Amazon:Simply type “” into your web browser.
  3. Proceed with the registration by filling out the following:To continue, please log in with your Amazon account.
  4. Select the Accounts & Lists option via the drop-down menu.To access your accounts and lists, select them and then use the down arrow in the top right.
  5. To join or renew your membership or subscription, please visit the following link:The membership and subscriptions tab should be selected.
  6. Select a subscription tier by clicking the link:Pick the Amazon Prime package that best fits your needs.
  7. Pick your preferred mode of payment:Pick a payment method, such as a debit or credit card, and proceed to checkout.
  8. Type in the number found on your card here:Type in the number of the credit or debit card you’ll be using to make the purchase.
  9. Date of expiration:Simply type in the month and year that your credit or debit card will expire.
  10. Key in CVV:Put in the three-digit CVV code now. All of your credit card information has been entered. The statement must be verified.
  11. Do a card check:Now an OTP will be sent to your phone number from the bank. Just enter it in your browser. We have received your full payment.

Changing to Amazon Prime status works like this.

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