How to Use Mobile Data During Calls Android (Use Internet While Calling)

Get Online While on the Phone:Does the internet on your phone disconnect whenever you get a call or make a call, only to reconnect once the call is over? If so, that’s the perfect place for you to be. Let’s say you’re chatting with a friend over the phone when they suddenly send you a link to a hilarious meme via WhatsApp and insist that you check it out. It may feel strange to have to break the news to a friend that you can’t see the meme while you’re on call.

use internet while on call

When an incoming call disrupts an online financial transaction, the consequences can be much more serious. Sometimes the transaction just won’t go through. We could go on and on enumerating examples of this type.

Due to this, the fact that I can’t make phone calls while using data is a major issue. Have no fear.

We’ve come up with a few solutions to help you get around this problem and use the internet during calls on Android.

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Learn the answers by reading on.

How to Use Mobile Data During Calls Android (Use Internet While Calling)

You may or may not be able to use mobile data while making calls, depending on your device and network. The internet and phone are both impacted by these two factors, which are inextricably linked.

First, let’s get familiar with the current restrictions that might prevent you from using the internet while on calls; only then can we begin to think about potential solutions. To save time, you can jump to the section that interests you and ignore the rest.

1. 4G and Above Android Phones

Today, fourth-generation wireless networks (or 4G networks) are the norm. A 4G connection improves your calling experience in addition to providing a superior internet connection and faster downloads and streams. Since 4G utilizes the Voice over LTE (VoLTE) data connection to transmit voice calls, you can expect your voice calls to be transmitted at the same lightning-fast speed as your internet data.

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As with 3G, however, you’ll have to choose between data and calls if you want to use both SIM cards at once. While using the internet on one SIM, the connection will automatically switch to the calling SIM if you make or receive a call.

If you want to use Voice over LTE, you’ll need a network and a phone that are both compatible with VoLTE. You may not be able to use data while making calls if any of them don’t support this feature.

Here’s how to check if your 4G phone is VoLTE-compatible.

Step 1:A smartphone’sSettings.

Step 2:Please visit the link at the bottom of the page.Phone-Related Discussions(In some simulations,My Phoneas opposed toConcerning Telephones.)

Step 3:Quite a few selections will appear. Select The Present Condition of the SIM Card.

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You won’t find this option on Samsung phones of the M-, F-, or A-series.Condition of SIM Cardin the middle ofConcerning Telephones section. Go to The Current Situationnext decide onCondition of SIM Cardin the highest position.

Step 4:The undervalued value needs to be checked.Types of Mobile Voice Networks in the The present condition of the SIM cardYour phone supports VoLTE if the value is 4G or LTE in the corresponding section.

Despite your phone being VoLTE-capable, you may be having issues with your network or SIM card if you are unable to use data while making calls.

2. 2G Android Phones

Although it is not necessary to do so, since we are talking about networks, I will mention 2G, which was the standard back when computers and modems were the primary means of accessing the internet.

However, some people in the year 2023 still rely solely on a bar phone for their communication needs. While a 2G connection does allow for some internet access, it is useless during phone calls.

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