How to Use Uber Promo Code for First Ride: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Uber offers a discount code for both the first and subsequent rides. Promo codes can be used on the Uber website to receive a price reduction on your ride. Follow the instructions below to use your code with Uber. Uber pool is eligible for discounts with promo codes.

  • Uber provides promo codes frequently, and they can be redeemed with little effort.
  • Uber discount codes can be used for any ride, whether it’s an Uber outstation, UberGo, or UberPremier.
  • If you’re a member of Uber’s Select program, your first ride is on the house.
  • You can save money on rides with Uber pool and Uber coupons.

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Steps to Use Uber promo Code for the first ride:

To begin, you must find the Uber app:You’ll need to launch the Uber app before you can enter your promo code. Simply click the Uber app’s icon.

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 uber promo code for first ride

Pick the Menu Icon (2):To access the menu, select the arrow in the upper left corner. It will outline the steps you need to take in order to redeem your Uber discount code. uber promo code for first ride

Pick Your Method of Payment #3Click the “Payment” entry in the drop-down menu. Your payment will be processed once you enter the discount code.

 uber promo code for first ride

Then, after clicking the Add coupon code:When you select “payment,” you’ll be taken to the screen shown below. Select the Add coupon code option. The app will prompt you to enter the discount code needed to obtain the ride.

 uber promo code for first ride

5. Type in the promotional code:Just fill out the box with the discount code you want to use. An ordinary coupon code will be a long string of letters and numbers. uber promo code for first ride

6. Select the plus sign and enter:Add the discount code and enter it. The discount on your ride will be applied once you click the ADD button. uber promo code for first ride

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Have a look at the specials, number seven:In the event that there are discount codes available, they will appear in the format shown in the image below. You can see that there is only one redeemable discount code (indicated by the red arrow). uber promo code for first ride

Indicating the price cut is the eighth point.Your savings after applying the promo code will now be displayed in the Promotions section of the menu bar. uber promo code for first ride  

Ahead of time reservations for Uber Rides are also valid for use of the discount code. Following the steps outlined above to redeem an Uber promo code couldn’t be simpler. When compared to other cab services, Uber offers more discount codes, so using Uber can save you money on all of your rides. Use Uber and you’ll save money on nearly every trip.

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