How to View Comments in Google Sheets: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

In the same way that comments can be added, you can also peruse previously made comments in Google Sheets.

Adding comments to your sheet is a great way to provide context for the information contained in individual cells. Generally speaking, short comments are preferred. Comments should ideally be one line long, but can be up to two lines long. Details of a Google Sheets file can also be viewed. We’ll get right into the article’s meaty middle section where you can pick up the essentials.

How to view all the comments in Google Sheets Easily

View Comments in Google Sheets in 6 Steps

First, launch your Excel spreadsheet:To begin adding notes to a specific spreadsheet, you’ll need to open it. In order to access the table:

  • Start up your device’s web browser.
  • Then, in the search bar, enter the link to your Google Sheets document.
  • To access it at this time, press the “Enter” key.
Image Title view comment in google sheet step 1

Second, pick the cell where you want to write your comment.Your next step is to select the cell where you’d like to type your note.

If you click on a cell in your spreadsheet, only that cell will be highlighted.

Image Title view comment in google sheet step 2

Step 3: Select “Insert” from the menu.After that, select the ‘Insert’ menu option. By inserting a tab, you’ll be able to proceed with this method without any hitches.

The image below shows where to find this tab within the document.

Image Title view comment in google sheet step 3

Fourth, select the “Comment” button:In two ways, you can select the comment type from the options here:

  • Either choose the “Comment” option or type in your own text.
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl Alt M’ to get the same result.
Image Title view comment in google sheet step 4

Here’s the fifth and final step: type in your comment.Then, in this stage, you must do the same two things again:

  • Simply enter the comment you wish to add to the cell in the text area that appears on the screen as shown.
  • Next, hit the green “Comment” button.
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Image Title view comment in google sheet step 5

Move the mouse pointer over the cell where you want to view the comment (Step #6):Maybe you’re wondering if the cell comment has been saved after reading this.

You can verify this by simply moving the mouse over the cell in question. The cell itself can be clicked on.

Image Title view comment in google sheet step 6


Is there a way to enable comment viewing in Google Sheets?

If you’ve ever tried to read the comments in a Google Sheets file and failed, this is why. Please allow us to elaborate.

The truth is that there are two situations in which you will be unable to view comments in your Google Sheets file:

  • The comments will be hidden if you convert your Google Sheets file to PDF format. You’ll need the ability to export Google Sheets to PDF for this.
  • Also, if you share your Google sheet on Google Drive, comments will be hidden.

In Google Docs, how do I access the feedback that has been left?

In order to see the feedback in Google Docs, do the following:

  • Launch Google Docs and get to work on that paper.
  • Follow that up by selecting the “Comments” tab at the very top of a Google Doc. You’ll be able to view all the feedback and debates that have been integrated into the document.

The “Comments” button at the top of the document opens a summary list of all comments, saving you the trouble of scrolling down the document to find the one you’re looking for.

My Google Sheets are cluttered with comments; how do I find what I need?

Following the straightforward steps we’ve outlined below is the quickest way to view all comments in a Google sheet at once:

  • Please access the file.
  • Get to the main menu by clicking the menu bar’s top-right corner.
  • To add your own thoughts, select the “Comments” tab.
  • Then, select the “Open all comments” button under the “Sheet” menu.
  • Then, from within any comment attached to a cell, you can access the linked file by selecting the “Open” button.
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Yet Another Approach

Google Sheets, like Excel, supports comments, and comments can be viewed. However, I don’t understand how this operates. Hold on while I give you the backstory. It is possible to leave notes for any given cell in a Google spreadsheet. You can’t add it alone, but anyone with access to the sheet can. Find the notes without going through every single row and column. Here’s how to see all of the feedback at once.

View Comments in Google Sheets: 4 Steps

First, load a Google Spreadsheet:Start by launching Google Sheets. Green paper with the top right corner folded represents this icon. On top, there’s a white-outlined square. If you haven’t already, head on over to the Play Store and grab it.

  • When you first launch Google Sheets, you’ll see a list of all the sheets you’ve shared and those you haven’t.
  • Check out a sheet you’ve collaborated on to read the feedback.

image titled View Comment in Google Sheet step 1

Stage 2: Select a Cell and Tap:You can see everything that you and others have contributed to the Google Sheets by opening them. Although the remarks are there, they are hidden from plain sight. In Google Sheets, comments are displayed when you tap on a cell.

image titled View Comment in Google Sheet step 2

Step-3 In the resulting dialog box, select “Message Box:There is a chat window in the top right corner. A rectangular container. There are even three horizontal lines within it. This appears right next to the plus sign, just before the three dots. Selecting this box will open Google sheets with the comments.

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image titled View Comment in Google Sheet step 3

Step-4 Browse through the Feedback you’ve left:When you click the little box, a rundown of all the new comments in your Google Sheets will appear. The time and identity of the comment’s creator will be recorded in a shared Google spreadsheet. This is also a complete realization of the message. The resulting summary of all the feedback allows for easy perusal.

image titled View Comment in Google Sheet step 4

Selecting a comment in the list will bring up additional information about its location. To read the comment, click on the cell where it was left. Even better, it triggers the appearance of a dialogue box. You can find several comment-related choices there. There will be a choice with three dots next to it. A small submenu appears when you click that. The comment can be deleted, edited, and a shareable link can be obtained.

  • The comments can also be viewed in a different format.
  • The cells that contain comments are marked with a triangular highlight in the top right corner of the sheet.
  • However, despite its diminutive size, it can still be observed.
  • A pop-up window will open when you select such a cell.
  • The only option in that pop-up is to “view comment.”
  • If you want to see your comment, you can do so by selecting the corresponding link.

There are two primary components of the comments viewing box that appears at the post’s footer. To begin, there is a “show all” button in the upper left corner. All of the feedback will be compiled in one place. Furthermore, there are two arrows in the central top section. They’re both angled to the left and right, respectively. They have enough space between them to reveal the total number of comments. To move from one comment to the next, use the arrow keys. Because of this, you will soon be an expert at reading, responding to, and organizing Google Sheets comments.


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