How to View Old Stories on Facebook

Facebook Stories are user-created content that is short and snappy, and it disappears after 24 hours. Facebook’s stories feature includes an option to add personalized text and image overlays to user-generated content. Stickers, background music, and user tagging are all available features.

view old facebook stories

You can find Facebook Stories, which are very similar to Instagram Stories, at the very top of your Facebook news feed. If you want to read about a friend’s Facebook experience, all you have to do is tap on their profile picture. You can also respond to these tales by leaving a comment.

Story posts are a fun and engaging alternative to status updates for sharing information with your Facebook friends. In particular, they come in handy when communicating day-to-day life updates, such as a candid photo of yourself or one of your pet with your mom.

It’s interesting to note that Facebook story only displays photos for five seconds and videos for twenty. In addition, you can feel more secure in the privacy of your own story than any post. This is so because the story’s original poster cannot see the responses made to it.

Facebook Live broadcasts become part of your profile’s stories. Users often share multiple stories in a single day, and many of them may wish to revisit an older story they shared.

Does Facebook allow users to read previously posted stories? Make sure you read the upcoming section of our blog because that is where we will reveal the answer to this inquiry.

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How to View Old Stories on Facebook on Android & iPhone

It’s not easy to dig up old Facebook posts. The platform’s default settings indicate that stories are meant to be seen for only 24 hours. Facebook’s Archive feature, however, comes to the rescue.

Thankfully, Facebook still keeps the option to archive your stories enabled by default. Carefully peruse the following instructions to learn how to access Facebook’s archive feature and view previously posted stories on your mobile device.

Step 1:Launch Facebook on your mobile device and tap the menu button (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner.

view old stories on facebook

Step 2:Once you reach the Menu screen, select the profile icon.

view old stories on facebook

Step 3:When your profile appears, select the More button (three vertical dots). To learn more, click the More link that’s located just below theIncorporate changes to your profile option.

view old stories on facebook

Step 3:Archive is an option that appears between and on the Profile Settings page.Verification of Account Status and the View as options. Toggle theArchive.

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view old stories on facebook

Step 4:The Archive page will load immediately. The Archive of Past Talesoption pops up on top, right next to the trash can. Click it.

view old stories on facebook

Step 5:So long as it was posted to Facebook, you can find it here.

view old stories on facebook

How to View Old Stories on Facebook on Desktop

The steps below will show you how to access your Facebook stories from your computer.

Step 1:To access your profile, log in to Facebook and then click on your image.

Step 2:When you click on your profile picture, you’ll be taken to your profile page. It’s time to make a choice:the equivalent of three dots across the horizontallogo next to the profile editing link.

Step 3:Your screen will now display a pull-down menu. Now, please select theAn Anthology of Talesthat pops up somewhere in the middleArchive and Record of Events.

When you go to your Facebook profile and select the Story Archive tab, you’ll see every single story you’ve ever shared there.

How to Know if Facebook Archived Story is On?

Each Facebook user has an individual setting for when they see the story archive button. However, it’s possible that you’ve disabled the switch. You can check the status of the “Your Story” button by tapping the gear icon that appears next to the “Your Story Archive” heading. To suit your needs, you can tweak the controls here.

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If you turn this feature off, your Facebook stories will be removed from your profile the following day. Sadly, these tales will not be archived anywhere.

Once a story is deleted, it’s gone forever, even if you enable the archiving feature. This selection is valid only for future narratives. The archive feature poses no security or privacy risks. Just you and I will be able to see the stories you’ve erased.

Last Words:

We now know that Facebook stories have an average lifespan of 24 hours. However, Facebook’s Archive feature makes it possible to read previously posted updates. The option to save your story archives is always enabled. Go to your Facebook profile and click theIn this case, there are three dots across the horizontal. option.

Then, from the main menu, select Archive, and from there, select the Story Archive button. When you click the button, a list of all of your Facebook status updates will load.

We’re glad you found some useful information on our blog to improve your Facebook narratives. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions in the space provided below. Please wait for a response from us, which will come right away.

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