How to View Private Instagram Profiles


Access a Hidden Instagram Profile:When it comes to reaching a large number of people with your photos and videos, Instagram is without a doubt your best option. You can get more exposure by making compelling stories and tagging your closest friends, family members, and recent Instagram followers. Instagram may have been designed with social sharing in mind, but it also allows users to have private profiles if they so choose.

view private instagram profile

Instagram users can choose from two distinct profiles. Both can be used by anyone, but one is designated for general consumption.

Photos and videos you upload to a brand-new account will automatically be made public. That is to say, your content is open to the public and anyone can choose to follow you.

The use of a phone number or username with this type of account also makes it simple to track down a specific Instagram user.

Photos and videos posted to such an account are hidden until the account owner approves your follow request, in contrast to the open nature of private accounts.

It’ll make your Instagram history invisible to anyone who isn’t following you. Nonetheless, there are limited options for obtaining the contact number associated with a private Instagram account.

But what if you don’t want to follow the people whose private Instagram profiles you want to view? alternatively, you might be interested in seeing who follows a secret Instagram account.

You want to stalk some random girl on Instagram because you have a crush on her or because you saw an unfamiliar face and can’t get it out of your head, but she has a private account.

You may be surprised to learn that a helpful program with the nameiStaunch’s Instagram private viewerthat allows you to bypass the need for human verification when accessing secure accounts.

Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch is a fantastic free tool for viewing private Instagram accounts.

This guide will show you how to view a private Instagram account’s pictures, videos, reels, stories, and highlights without submitting to a human verification and survey.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

1. Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch

The Private Instagram Viewer by iStaunch allows users to see content from otherwise private Instagram accounts. Click the View Private Instagram Account button after entering the Instagram username in the provided box. Photos and videos from unverified and unfollowed Instagram accounts will appear next.

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2. Send Follow Request (Best Way to See a Private Instagram Account)

If you want to see someone’s private Instagram photos or videos, the best and most legal way to do so is to request to follow them and then wait for them to approve your request. It makes no difference if they already know you or not.

view private instagram profile

Don’t rush them once you’ve sent the request; instead, wait a reasonable amount of time before following up. In a perfect world, people who don’t know you will still accept your follow request immediately.


The likelihood of your request being granted increases if they know you through a mutual connection. When someone accepts your follow request on Instagram, you’ll be able to see their full profile picture and any media they’ve posted, including photos, videos, and reels.

You can also share your thoughts and feelings with a private Instagram account by sending them a direct message to let them know how you feel or why you’ve decided to follow them. If you want someone to accept your friend request, you need to make sure that your profile is genuine and your private message is compelling.

view private instagram profile

It’s to your advantage to engage people in conversation directly, so if you can get their attention through a message, suggest they check out your profile.

We’re well aware of how unlikely it is that this method will actually work, but when it does, it can allow you to access a private profile without having to memorize a long series of passwords. Instagram’s ultimate goal is for users to adopt this behavior, whereby they must follow a profile before viewing its content.

3. Create a Fake Instagram Account

Don’t fret if requesting to be followed or contacting someone directly doesn’t yield the desired results. Although it is possible to create a fictitious Instagram account, doing so is unethical and in violation of Instagram’s Terms of Service, so doing so is at your own risk.

view private instagram profile

Advice for Making a Bogus Profile:

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    • If you want to increase your chances of getting approved, you should use a female name when signing up. (The study found that 60% of fake social media accounts have female names because users are more likely to interact with these profiles).
    • In addition, pick an interesting Instagram handle to draw in more followers. If your desired Instagram username is taken, you can easily claim an inactive username.
    • Add pictures of real women (not models) doing things they enjoy.
    • Add as many photos as you can to your profile to make it more appealing.
    • Making your account private will pique the interest of your intended audience.
    • Once you’ve finalized your preferences, send a follower request to the person you’re interested in seeing.
    • If your request is denied, you should contact the administrator via private message and explain why you want to leave.


4. Get Help from Mutual Followers

If someone you follow on Instagram has made their profile private and you are unable to view it, don’t fret; chances are good that you have numerous friends in common with that person.

If the answer is yes, there’s no point in wasting time waiting around because those mutual followers will get you where you need to go.

view private instagram profile

To view someone else’s private account, all you have to do is ask a friend if he or she can look it up for you, and once they do, you can simply ask them to save and send you any relevant posts. This allows you to keep tabs on anything and everything you like.


To find out who among your friends is acquainted with the person you want to find on Instagram, you can use any number of methods, including asking them via their Whatsapp statuses if they know them.

Instagram users can use a variety of other methods, most of which involve downloading and installing third-party apps, to gain access to otherwise restricted content.

5. Look at Private Instagram Account via Google

Now, if you’ve waited a long time and still haven’t received a response to the following request you sent, you should try Googling the other person.

view private instagram profile

To do this, open the search bar in Chrome or Safari and enter the name of the person whose Instagram account you wish to view.

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Even if Instagram users set their profiles to private, Google still stores copies of their old posts. Before the account went private, the user made these public.

After the results page loads, click the “Images” tab. Once you click on the same, you’ll be able to see a sizable selection of that person’s public posts and profile pictures.

Here, Google will take care of all the hard work so that you can easily get a photo of the person and put it in the picture frame as a surprise birthday wish.

6. Search on Other Social Media Platforms

Know that Instagram is not the end-all, be-all of social media today if the person whose profile you want to infiltrate has made their profile private.


If a user’s profile has been set to private, you can still find them on other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

7. Private Instagram Viewer

You can use one of the many free, online Instagram private viewer tools to view your photos and videos without revealing your identity. You’ve found the top application that lets you see hidden profiles without having to fill out a survey.

One of the most popular ways to see private Instagram profiles without signing in is with the help of a website called Likecreeper. Images and videos from personal accounts can be viewed anonymously on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac computers and mobile devices. In addition, you can learn who has been checking out your Instagram account.

view private instagram profile

When you’re done, head back to Instagram and look for that user name. Using this method, you could undoubtedly access the other person’s entire account.


Closing Remarks:

We hope this article has provided you with all the information you needed to view the restricted Instagram account. It’s in our nature to lend a hand. Drop a line in the comments if you need clarification.

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