How to View Snapchat Stories Without Them Knowing (View Snapchat Story Anonymously)

Incognito Snapchat Story Viewing:Snapchat is a well-liked messaging and media-sharing app that facilitates simple conversations with friends, the sharing of photos and videos (called “snaps”), the viewing of live stories from around the world, and the discovery of news in Discover. An abundance of filters, superb features, and engaging options are available in this app. Because of this, Snapchat has quickly become the app of choice among its user base.

view someone's snapchat story without them knowing

Pictures, stories, and the shared experiences of a lifetime can all be found here. People like to brag about the most exciting parts of their lives, and when you’re friends with them, you get to hear all about it.

It’s important to have both the app’s positive reviews and the FOMO that comes from having friends who aren’t using the app. As a result, whether you agree with it or disagree with it, you can’t deny its existence. Just about everyone you know, from classmates to coworkers to acquaintances, is here having a good time.

What makes it stand out is that users will always be notified if someone saves or takes a screenshot of their posts. You can also view the list of users who have viewed your posts and keep them for an additional 24 hours.

But have you ever wished you could secretly view someone else’s Snapchat story? Do you ever feel like you should check the stories, but you don’t want the user to know you’ve seen it?

You asked one of the most popular questions today.

I’m not just talking about Snapchat here; this applies to pretty much every social media platform out there.

Those who are concerned about being added to the watch list while viewing the story of the person they wish to spy on have asked if there is any way to do so.

This tutorial will show you how to secretly check out someone’s Snapchat story.

What are Snapchat Stories?

Similarly to Instagram and Facebook, your Snapchat story will remain on your account for a full day. When the timer reaches zero, the article disappears. Any type of media, from short videos to simple photos to filtered updates, can be added to your Snapchat story.

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Once people begin following it, you can see a list of who has seen your post by clicking the tiny eye icon. Keep in mind that only your Snapchat friends can see your stories.

Now we’ll get into some stealthy ways to view Snapchat stories.

Can You View Someone’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

Regrettably, there is no covert method of viewing someone else’s Snapchat story. In any case, did you happen to notice something? Here’s a tip that will allow you to view any Snapchat story without drawing attention to yourself. Literally, you can secretly watch anyone’s Snapchat story without alerting them to the fact.

All of the techniques described here have been tried and true. All of them were tested, and they all appear to be functional.

How to View Snapchat Stories Without them Knowing

Method 1: Enable Airplane Mode

  • Sign into Snapchat on your mobile device.
  • You can view all the recently uploaded stories by tapping the Stories tab on the homepage and refreshing the page. Keep away from the stories, as the user will be alerted immediately if you view them.
  • Do not use the app again until all the stories have downloaded.
  • Immediately disconnect from the internet by disabling your wireless connection, mobile data, or switching to airplane mode.
  • Relaunch Snapchat and look at the tales section once more.
  • Without the knowledge of the user, you can observe all the tales. If you watch the episodes while your airplane is in flight, your username will not appear in the user view list. If you turn off your internet connection, the user will have no idea that you have viewed their stories.
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It’s a tried-and-true method for listening in on virtually anyone’s life without giving them any warning. This strategy, however, is only effective if you refrain from using the internet for the duration of the story. To avoid the user finding out that you have been viewing their stories, you should turn off your connection for at least 24 hours.

The only time you should watch these stories is right before they are taken down or expire. Keep in mind when the user uploaded the story and wait 20-22 hours before attempting the above. After the initial 24 hours have passed, you can disable airplane mode and resume normal internet access.

Method 2: Enable Airplane Mode & Clear Cache

There is another option if you would prefer not to lose your internet connection for so long. To do this, launch Snapchat and leave it online for a while, as the app needs to load all of the stories before you can view them. Then, in just a couple of minutes, you can go into airplane mode and watch the episode without them knowing.

Because you are not currently connected to the internet, your view has been recorded but has not yet been transmitted to the server. Once you reconnect to the internet, your thoughts on the person’s story will be uploaded to the server and they can read them.

Keep your phone on airplane mode and exit Snapchat to avoid this.

This is what you need to know about Android:

Now, select Snapchat from the installed apps menu. At the very bottom, you’ll see a link labeled “clear cache and data.” Click that, and your data will be deleted. In addition to clearing your app’s cache, this will also delete any previously recorded views. Now that you’ve landed, you can safely use the internet again by disabling the airplane mode.

view someone's snapchat story without them knowing

In order to access the App Store on an iPhone:

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Apps on the iPhone cannot be cleared from the device’s cache; instead, the app must be uninstalled. If you do this, your phone will delete all information associated with the apps you have installed. After that, you can download it from the App Store once more and use it without any worries.

Method 3: Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously

This means that the odds of the target and you sharing friends are high. You can secretly view the target’s Snapchat stories online with the help of a friend who is already following the account.

To make this strategy effective:

  • You need a mutual friend who is also connected to the intended victim on Snapchat.
  • They need to be close by and willing to hand over their phones to you.

While doing so will keep your identity hidden, the username of your friend will be added to the target’s “story view list.”

Method 4: Have a Second Snapchat Account to View Stories

If none of those options work, you could always just make a new Snapchat account. That’s the most secure method of reading any news article, whether you’re at home or abroad. However, there are some drawbacks to this approach as well. To get someone to accept your friend request on Snapchat, you could, for instance, use a different account and try to persuade them to add you. What you can do is as follows:

  • Make a new Snapchat account with a different username.
  • Create the impression of authenticity by posting some stories to your profile.

This strategy will be extremely effective if you are successful in having the target accept your follow request.

Concluding Remarks:

One solution is to watch the video while the device is in airplane mode and then delete the app. While clearing the cache does the trick every time, this strategy guarantees success. Simply switch your phone to airplane mode, read the article, delete the app, wait until you can access the internet again, and reinstall the program. The answer is that easy.

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