How to View Someone’s Calendar in Outlook

Examining Someone Else’s Outlook CalendarWith the latest update in December 2021, Microsoft Outlook has become a highly professional email client that can be purchased separately from the Microsoft Office suite. Since Microsoft Outlook contains so many tools that are useful in one’s professional life, it is widely used and preferred by people in a wide range of fields. Services like a calendar, to-do lists, contacts, notes, and even web browsing are all part of the package.

see someone's calendar in outlook

Both Android and iOS users can access Outlook, which is designed with the busy schedules of business professionals in mind.

Create a free Outlook email address when you sign up, but unlock all of Outlook’s other time-saving and scheduling features with a one-time fee. In addition to being sold separately, this exceptional management program is included in the Microsoft Office 365 package.

Microsoft Outlook’s well-organized, shareable, and customizable calendar is a major selling point for the program, regardless of your motivation for signing up and using it.

Outlook boasts that it has enterprise-level security, which drastically reduces spam emails.

There is no way a businessperson can ignore the numerous time-saving tools this program provides. To put it more precisely and concisely, Outlook enables you to connect, organize, and get things done. Shouldn’t these be the holy grail for any self-respecting businessperson?

This blog will teach you everything you need to know about Outlook, including how to view someone else’s Outlook calendar and many other useful functions.

Can You Check Someone’s Calendar in Outlook?

Your Outlook calendar can be shared with others, and you can also view their calendars. However, the method may involve more than just pushing a button. Detailed instructions for accessing another user’s Outlook calendar are provided below.

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This approach is used to view a shared calendar between two parties.

How to View Someone’s Calendar in Outlook

Step 1: Bring up Microsoft Outlook on your gadget of choice and sign in using your usual credentials.

Step 2: The top left of the screen houses a button labeled “.”Home. You should seek out theCalendar icon at the very end of the drop-down menu that appears. Tap on date on the Calendaricon.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected the Calendar icon, you’ll need to selectTeam right below theAdd to My Calendar.

Step 4: Find the person whose calendar you want to view from the list of people who have agreed to share their calendar with you. Just click on thecheckbox their Outlook schedule will be displayed next to their name. Your shared Outlook calendar now displays all events.

Step 5: Using Outlook, you can select multiple people from the Contacts list and view their schedules at the same time.Team to the list that appears in the fourth step. All of their schedules will be laid out for you to compare and contrast.

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Unfortunately, you can’t use this approach unless the other person has granted you access to their Outlook calendar. You can ask them to provide a link to their Outlook calendar if they don’t already.

How to Share Calendar on Outlook

Step 1: Fire up Outlook on your gadget of choice and sign in using your usual credentials. Select from the main menu’sHome.Here, tap onDiscuss Schedules. From the drop-down menu, choose the calendar you want to show others.

Step 2: When you double-click on the Calendar icon, the Calendar Properties dialog box will open.Add.

Step 3: In the Add BoxYou can either enter email addresses manually or conduct a search of your current address book to find the desired contact. Having entered all necessary names into theAdd Usercheck the box next toOk.

Step 4:Getting back into theDate-Related AttributesIn the resulting dialogue box, you can designate the privileges for the chosen users. Some of the things that can be done with your calendar after you give permission are:

  • You’ll be able to see only the times when you’re actually active.
  • Availability to view all scheduled events and venues
  • Has Access to Complete Information
  • Can edit
  • Delegate

Step 5:If you use Microsoft Outlook, the recipient will receive an invitation email with a link to your shared calendar. Clicking on it takes the user directly to theAccept, You can check out your calendar on their shared schedule.

Just as you can see, gaining access to someone else’s Outlook calendar is a breeze. We trust that you are enjoying this article. All right, we’ve gathered more data on Outlook’s calendars. Here, you can find out if you just keep reading.

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How to Stop Sharing Calendar on Outlook

After reading about how to view another person’s Outlook calendar, you might be wondering how to prevent others from viewing your own calendar.

If you want to prevent someone on your share calendar list from viewing your Outlook calendars, the process is straightforward.

In order to prevent unauthorized access to your shared calendar, just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Outlook and sign in. Tap the in the top left of the main screen to access theHome button.

Step 2: Select from the list of available options after step 2.Restrictions on the Calendar.

Step 3: Select the contact from the Calendar Permissions section and tap the Delete button. When the option is chosen, click onRemove. 

Step 4:Just tap onOk. You have removed the person’s access to the shared calendar. The work has been completed.

There are other options for making your Outlook calendar public besides sending out invite links. If your gadget is WebDAV-enabled, you can share your Outlook schedule with the world (or just your coworkers) online or through email.

If you do not want to completely remove the person from your shared calendar, you can adjust their permissions in Outlook.

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