How to Watch Someone’s Instagram Live Video Without Them Knowing

Since Instagram introduced the live story feature, users have been glued to the app, watching the same videos over and over again. Thanks to improvements in live video capabilities, creators can now publish in-depth guides on a variety of topics.

watch someone's instagram live video without them knowing

You can see exactly who has watched your Instagram stories if you’ve been using the app for any length of time. You can get an idea of how many people saw your story by perusing the viewer list that appears on your screen when you view another user’s story.

On the other hand, there may be times when you wish to secretly view someone else’s live Instagram feed without drawing attention to yourself.

Possible scenario: you want to watch a live stream of someone but don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

This tutorial will show you how to secretly observe Instagram feeds without drawing attention to yourself.

Is it Possible to Watch Instagram Live Without Them Knowing?

Unfortunately, there is no way to secretly watch a live video on Instagram. When you join a live video, the host and other viewers are alerted that you have joined the broadcast. As soon as you log in to the video, your name will appear on the screen.

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For the most part, Instagram does not provide any option to conceal your identity. Unless you’re tuning in to the story and live videos of someone with hundreds of thousands of followers, you can’t really hide from the host’s gaze.

If hundreds of people are watching the livestream at once, the host may miss your name. With so many people signing up, it’s natural to lose track of who has watched the video. But that’s not very common. Also, you might get caught if you try to join them.

There are, however, ways to participate in a live Instagram video without giving away your true identity. If followed precisely, these procedures guarantee a 100 percent success rate.

Let’s check out some methods for secretly viewing someone else’s Instagram feed.

How to Watch Someone’s Instagram Live Video Without Them Knowing

1. Use a Fake Instagram Account

This is a common practice among humans. A fake Instagram account is useful when you want to secretly watch a friend’s live video but don’t want to give away your identity. If you create a new account and watch someone else’s video, they will have no idea who you are. Signing up for a fake Instagram account is as easy as searching for the intended user, tapping on their story, and providing either an email address or phone number.

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You’ll join their live broadcasts incognito by entering a code. However, if the intended user has a private profile, this approach will not be successful. To see their feed, including stories, posts, live videos, and so on, you must first send them a follow request and wait for them to accept it. Therefore, you can only use this strategy if the user has a public profile or has followed you back.

2. Change Your Username for a Short While

Changing your Instagram username for a little while is another great way to peek at someone else’s live feed. Changing your Instagram username is the best option if you don’t want to create a new account specifically for the purpose of stalking someone else.

It can be done in under a minute. To make changes to your Instagram profile, select the “edit profile” link from your page. It’s time to ditch your old username and try something new. The name that appears under your profile is also editable. When you’re done making edits, click the green checkmark at the top of the page. You can revert to your original username after watching the video under a different one.

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3. Wait for Them to Save the Video

Instagram now has a feature where users can save the live video for later viewing. The best thing to do is wait if you know for sure that the host will record the video for later viewing by the audience and those who were unable to attend the live video.

Have them cut it off so you can watch it after a day has passed. In this way, the target won’t know they’ve been spied on. You can keep your current account and username without any trouble. No matter which account you use to watch these live broadcasts, no trace of your identity will be revealed.

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