MỚI oh my sunshine night tập 12 – HUGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE + Skincare Q&A!

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oh my sunshine night tập 12

oh my sunshine night tập 12, [vid_tags], #HUGE #BLACK #FRIDAY #SALE #Skincare #QampA


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oh my sunshine night tập 12 oh my sunshine night tập 12 [/ caption]

Nguồn video HUGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE + Skincare Q&A!


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GIẢM GIÁ LỚN + Hỏi & Đáp về chăm sóc da! để biết thêm trang điểm, chăm sóc da và phong cách! Bản tin làm đẹp SUBSCRIBE!

GIẢM GIÁ LỚN + Hỏi & Đáp về chăm sóc da! để biết thêm trang điểm, chăm sóc da và phong cách! Bản tin làm đẹp SUBSCRIBE!

GIẢM GIÁ LỚN + Hỏi & Đáp về chăm sóc da! để biết thêm trang điểm, chăm sóc da và phong cách! Bản tin làm đẹp SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Damn tried to order through city and the order didn’t go through and took out 2 payments. Finally money back in the bank and now the 40% won’t work. Took them days to get back to me. Grrrr

  2. Love your videos! Thank you for your recommendations. I have been so pleased with the Nira, Beauty Pie under eye cream, my red light, Invisicrepe and so many other things you’ve suggested/demonstrated. I need a good recommendation for an eyeliner to tight line with that won’t irritate my sensitive eyes. Any suggestions anyone?
    Happy turkey day 🧡🦃💛

  3. Hi Kimberly I appreciate all the great tips ! What exactly do you use on your skin now to replace the sunscreen ?

  4. What are you using now with the nuface as the conductor?? You turned us on to the aloe but was curious if that is still the same for your routine.

  5. I have tried so many times to Oder products from City Beauty and have no success.
    I have three of their products and wanted to order that fabulous discount but no luck. What do I do?

  6. Hi, so look forward to your weekly emails, do you have any products for tea stain or dark marks on the face, Sue from England

  7. CAREFUL . If you have melasma red light will make it darker. I got a red light unit and was so upset how after months and months of working to lighten my Melasma after just 2 red light sessions my spots came back even darker. After researching it's a common complaint . So very upset . Beware.

  8. So thankful I found you. I really love your approach to skin care and make up. Your tips and techniques have helped me so much! You are so real and refreshing to watch. I am going to be watching the Black Friday sales. Hopefully some of the tools will be in my price range.

  9. Hi Kimberly, Myolift QT plus is having a 25% Black Friday sale going on now, is your discount more than that? And is your discount just pretty like you have in your more section or is it prettyoverfifty?

  10. Thanks for all the information on the devices, I'm getting a red light device and have not decided which brand I want to purchase. Is the Myolift going on sale? I have a friend who is looking and I told her I would ask you. Thanks for all you do and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Does anyone know why Nira and Nebulyft do not ship to Canada? And do you have any other recommendations for both. Thank you Kimberly for all the informative videos 😊

  12. Mito always seems to be sold out! So, I guess they don’t really need to ever put it on sale due to the demand being so high. That’s why I probably will just purchase the Current Body or Omnilux mask 😐

  13. Thank you, Kimberly. I'm a few days late to this Vlog. You're explanations are very helpful. Thank you. Stat warm….we're going to have some really cold days, soon.

  14. Hi Kimberly, of all the ladies I watch I believe you most 😊
    Im 62 and started taking care of myself a little late in life but my skin looks pretty good, like yours
    Im finally biting the bullet on the red light therapy for all the reasons you listed
    I did splurge on the nuface when so many people were raving on YouTube but was so disappointed after months of time and effort, I was really upset because it did NOTHING. I still have it and do t know what to do with it, also got a red light mask and 🫤. Both expensive and big regrets
    I also hate putting gel on my face, it was the worst experience. So I’ll probably stay away from those products because of the gel issue, such an effort to put in, spray and then wash it off but that’s just me
    I am seriously thinking of the Nira though for wrinkles and maybe it would help the puffiness under my eye, maybe
    So those two should keep me busy along with my infrared helmet for hair, it’s a lot to keep up with!! Haha😅. Thanks again for your honest reviews The red light I found for a good price was on Emr-tek.com. Hope it’s as good as the Mito 🤞

  15. I concur with you on Mito red light. I purchased the 750 panel in April, use it 4-5 days a week , took another pic in September, and the results are amazing! Mito is the best brand; I did a lot of research. Definitely worth the investment.

  16. I don't want to miss that Myolift sale! Do you know when it will be? This video was great! Many thanks 😉

  17. City lips doesn’t do a thing for me, I’ve try it for over a month two times a day in morning and at night , couldn’t tell any difference (sorry)

  18. This was interesting but being in the uk we can’t get City Beauty which is so frustrating because the products look so good. Looking forward to the myoliftQT demo. I got one but am a bit nervous and unsure about how to use it properly.

  19. I just ordered 2 lip glosses on your recommendation! The sale was a good thing too! Am looking forward to getting them and trying them out!! Thanks!!

  20. I wonder if anyone has had success with the blurring cream from City Beauty? I have lots of lines on and above my lips! Also do your discount codes work for us in the "north" as in Canada 🇨🇦
    Thx for all your info Kimberly!

  21. Hi Kimberly, First time purchase with City Beauty! I bought the Sculping Cream and 2 lip plumpers! I used your 40% code! Thank-you! Would love to see some pics of your "Kitty" in your vids! I am a big "Cat Lover"!

  22. That was a very good and clarifying video. Thank you. I do have a question. Is the new myo lift that you were showing better than the mio-lift mini that I bought over a year ago? It certainly does look easier and less clumsy to use. Just want to know if it's more powerful.

  23. Wow. Fantastic explanation and video. I learned so much and am super excited about the sales. Thank you for sharing your skin journey. Your skin speaks for itself. 💚💚

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