Schedule Lyft Ride – Step by Step Guide (With Pictures)

Sometimes we’d prefer to have our ride prearranged so that nobody has to deal with a hiccup in their plans because of a lack of available transportation. Failing to hail a cab can lead to a number of unpleasant experiences during the trip.

In light of the frequent occurrence of this problem, it is challenging to manage the cab at the last minute. One of the most popular transportation service providers, Lyft, had given its customers the option to schedule rides in advance to circumvent this problem.

Follow these in-app instructions to reserve a Lyft driver.

Procedure to schedule your Lyft ride

Select the Lyft icon from your mobile device’s home screen to launch the app. To those who haven’t already done so, please visit the Play Store and download the app.
schedule lyft

Second, you can skip this step if you’re already logged in. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign up for a new account before logging in.

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Once the app has opened, a bar will appear at the top where you can enter the pickup location. If your phone’s location services are turned on, it will use that information to determine where to meet you for your ride.
schedule lyft

4. The location where you’ll be picked up is represented by a clock icon, and you’ll need to tap on that as well. The kind of car you want for the trip is another option you have to make.
schedule lyft

A modal window will pop up in 5. Here, you’ll schedule a cabby to pick you up at a specific time and day of your choosing. The confirm button will be highlighted, at which point you can tap on it. The pickup is scheduled once the time and day have been confirmed.
schedule lyft

You’re missing a crucial step #6 by not including the final destination. When booking a Lyft, it is not required that you specify a location.There’ll be a Lyft request button there. To reserve a Lyft, you’ll need to tap this button.
schedule lyft

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The clock icon in the top right corner of the screen will show you the scheduled arrival time of your Lyft driver. Here, you can view your Lyft reservation, make changes, or even cancel.

After you’ve requested a ride, a Lyft driver will arrive at the agreed-upon time.

Considerations while scheduling the Lyft ride

In order to book a Lyft ride according to your preferred schedule, there are a few details you should be aware of.

  • If you want to take a Lyft on a specific date, you can do so up to seven days in advance.
  • The ability to prearrange Lyft rides is not currently accessible in all areas. As a result, the availability of scheduled rides is indicated by the presence or absence of a clock next to the pickup location.
  • Before the driver is fixed for your scheduled Lyft ride, or within 30 minutes of your trip start, you may cancel your reservation at no cost.
  • This scheduling feature is only available with Lyft’s base service, Lyft classic, and not with individual rides.
  • When we schedule the cab, we’ll be traveling during peak hours. Lyft’s scheduled service includes this feature, too. If you book the cab at this peak time, the rate you pay will not change, regardless of whether the prime time rate is higher or lower than the time you booked it for.
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Riders can plan ahead and have their rides waiting for them when they arrive, relieving stress and saving time.

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