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Snapchat is used by billions of people every day, all with the goal of sharing fleeting, precious moments with those they care about in the form of photos and videos. It’s an instantaneous photo sharing app that deletes all of your photos and videos after a certain amount of time has passed.

snapchat ip address finder

The platform’s filters are incredibly well-known, but they aren’t the only reason it’s so well-liked by social media users. The location of your friends can be tracked in real time with Snapchat.

The platform has recently introduced a location-tracking feature called “Snap Map,” which lets users easily locate their friends’ current locations.

It adds a Bitmoji to the Snap Map at the user’s precise location. By enabling the location-tracking feature, you can let all of your friends or a custom group of people know exactly where you are at any given time.

If someone wants to know your street address or find out where you are on Map, they can do so by clicking the location tab and zooming in. Snap Map is widely regarded as a helpful tool for discovering new friends and keeping tabs on where they are at any given time on Snapchat.

The Snap Map feature could also be made available to a select group of users. You can share your location with friends and family on Snap Map, for instance.

You can turn it off if you don’t want your current location or IP address shared with anyone. To prevent others from following your online movements, you can switch to “Ghost Mode” in your account settings.

Although Snap Map benefits all users, some may feel uncomfortable using it. Because everyone’s location is broadcast within the app, nearly everyone can instantly see where everyone else is. Like we discussed up top, you can choose to turn off your location tracking.

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The question now is how to discover the IP address of a Snapchat user who has turned off Snap Map and/or ghost mode.

Certainly, theSnapLookup by iStaunch: Discover Anyone’s Snapchat IP AddressIf you know your friend’s Snapchat’s IP address, you can use Google Maps to monitor their whereabouts in real time for free.

In fact, we’ve got an entire tutorial on how to track down an individual’s Snapchat server IP address right here.

Can You Find Someone’s IP Address on Snapchat?

In this section, we’ll investigate whether or not Snapchat provides access to a user’s IP address. Everyone who uses this popular app, whether they’ve been doing so for a while or are just starting out, knows or should know that it respects users’ privacy. A large number of users’ snaps, texts, and stories are regularly processed by the app.

In addition, they collect personal information about you and your device, just like the majority of other social media sites. There are two motivations for this: first, to provide you with a more personalized experience, and second, to guarantee your safety. However, despite this complexity, there is one thing on which we must focus: the IP address. Is there any way it remembers your IP address?

To clear the air, your IP address is stored for internal privacy and security purposes. This is how it operates: Snapchat will never share your IP address. Therefore, there wouldn’t be a single location where anyone could see anyone else’s IP address if they so desired.

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We believe it is clear that Snapchat is not a useful tool for locating a user’s IP address. If you’re worried, though, know that we have other ways to track down anyone’s IP address. Read on if you’re curious about finding out more.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address on Snapchat

1. Snapchat IP Address Finder by iStaunch

Open the iStaunch Snapchat IP Address Finder to discover a user’s IP address. Simply type the Snapchat user’s username into the box below to obtain their IP address. Following that, select theSearch by IP Addressand the Snapchat account’s IP address will be displayed.

Locate an IP Address for Snapchat

Instruments that are Similar toKeeping tabs on your whereabouts with Snapchat&Obtaining a Contact’s Phone Number on Snapchat

This IP address may not be the actual one at the moment, so keep that in mind. It’s the time since you last copied the address or login. You can continue on to the next strategy if this one doesn’t seem to be helpful.

2. Snapchat Location Tracker by iStaunch

The Snapchat Location Tracker by iStaunch is a web-based, free service that reveals an individual’s IP address and allows you to monitor their physical location in real time.

In order to accomplish this, please:

  • Launch the iStaunch Snapchat Location Tracker app on your iOS or Android gadget.
  • Simply enter the Snapchat Username whose IP address you’re looking for.
  • Hit the submit button after you’ve entered the captcha.
  • The Snapchat account’s IP address will then be displayed.

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3. Snapchat IP Grabber – Grabify

  • Launch Snapchat on your Apple or Android mobile device.
  • Discover the Snapchat profile whose IP address you need, and copy the link to their profile.
  • Then, navigate your web browser to the Grabify IP Logger page.
  • Simply copy the link, then paste it in the box, and click the create URL button.
  • Just copy the IP tracking link that is provided to you.
  • Start a conversation with the Snapchatter and suggest he check out the video by sending him a link.
  • After clicking the link, the user will be taken to the grabber’s site before being taken back to the original content.
  • This allows the Logger website to track the user’s location via their IP address.

4. Snap Map Feature (Snapchat IP Tracker)

Without knowing their IP address, you can find out where a friend is by clicking on their Bitmoji on Snap Map and zooming in. However, you can only see the location if the user has accepted your friend request. In spite of Snap having access to your IP address, no private data is shared without your permission.

snapchat ip address finder

Initially, there was no way to hide your location when using the Snap Map feature. No one could go into “ghost mode” on their accounts. As a result, the Snap Map feature has generated substantial user backlash. Snapchat therefore introduced a feature that allows users to conceal their location to address these concerns.

You should know that there is no simple way to obtain a user’s IP address. The main advantage of turning off location services is that your IP address will never be revealed. Consequently, you should give the Snap Map feature and your personal data extra care.

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