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Rapid growth in Snapchat’s user base can be attributed to the app’s appeal as a platform for informal communication and story-telling amongst friends and family. In addition, a variety of interesting filters are available for use in order to take photographs of the highest quality. It’s one of the most widely used social networking platforms, with millions of signed-up users.

snapchat username availability

The Snapchat signup process requires a phone number or email address for account verification. After your identity has been confirmed, you’ll be asked to provide a unique username.

Do you know how frustrating it is to try to sign up for Snapchat only to get the “username not available” message?

If the one you want to use is already taken, you won’t be able to sign up with it.

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You could either negotiate with the current owner of the account to purchase their username, or you could add some special characters to the name to make it your own. Since you can’t have two accounts with the same or a similar username.

If you’re a business owner considering a long-term commitment to Snapchat, you should definitely check the availability of potential usernames first.

This is why we’ve developed aUse iStaunch’s Snapchat Username Verifier to see if your nick is availablethat displays whether or not a particular Snapchat username is available for registration.

Snapchat Username Checker

Snap Name Verifier by iStaunchis a free online resource for determining whether or not a particular Snapchat handle is taken. To see if a particular username is taken on Snapchat, all you have to do is enter it and hit the “submit” button.

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Verify Your Snapchat Username

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How to Check Snapchat Username Availability

Method 1: Snapchat Username Checker by iStaunch

  • Launch the iStaunch tool to check Snapchat username availability.
  • Just fill in your Snapchat handle here.
  • Click the “Submit” button when you’re done.
  • To reveal whether or not a desired username is taken, just type it in.

Method 2: Snapchat Search Username (Snapchat Account Checker)

You can also enter the username you want to use on Snapchat’s sign-up page to see if it’s available. To check the availability of a particular username, enter it here. A “username not available” message will appear if you try to use one that has already been taken. You may need to do some tinkering with the username before you can use it.

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So that you can, do what I’ve outlined below:

  • To access Snapchat’s settings, simply launch the app and click the gear icon.
  • Navigate to, and select theAccounts option.
  • After that, selectIs this your first time using Snapchat? Sign Up.
  • In the space provided, please enter your desired username.
  • Snapchat will indicate whether or not the service is currently accepting new users.

snapchat username availability

Please remember that your username is not the same as the display names. Names shown on screens can be modified at any time. Go to your profile and look for the username next to your snap rating if you can’t remember it.

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