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Instant Reverse Phone Lookup via Text Message:Starting out as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, TextNow gives users a free phone number that can be used for making and receiving calls and texts over WiFi. We now have the TextNow app, which performs the same function but has expanded its functionality over time.

track who owns textnow number

The likes of WhatsApp, Telegram, and countless others have made it possible to make phone calls and send texts over WiFi networks.

On the other hand, TextNow stands out from the crowd because it also functions as a full phone service within the app itself.

It’s analogous to how mobile phone companies work, in that customers purchase SIM cards from them in order to access the network’s voice and data features. To do so, it is necessary to pay for the services actually utilized.

On the other hand, with TextNow, you can make and receive calls and texts while connected to WiFi at no cost.

It’s a service, then, that doesn’t cost anything. That’s so awesome! Isn’t it?

You must pay for data services in accordance with their rates, though. As such, why isn’t TextNow a household name around the world? Sadly, the app is only available in the United States and Canada. Therefore, it is restricted to citizens of the United States.

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TextNow is available for no cost because it is supported by advertisements.

After signing up for TextNow, you’ll be prompted to enter your area code so the service can assign you a local number. This phone number is now active and can be used for making calls or sending text messages. However, if you want to receive a verification code, you’ll have to pay to lock the number.

Track a TextNow number if you’ve been receiving unwanted communications from a particular number, such as spam texts or unwanted phone calls. What gives?

Since TextNow numbers don’t reveal user info, there’s no way to find out who’s behind one, says the company’s support team.

Now, however, you need not fret.

Adapt and useNumber Search for TextNow by iStaunchso that you can look up a TextNow number without paying a dime.

This manual also includes information on how to trace the current owner of the TextNow number in the year 2023.

Can You Track a TextNow Number?

You won’t get very far if you try to contact their support team. If you still need help tracing a TextNow number, you can check out its profile. It is possible to follow the user if they have entered accurate information.

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A person’s TextNow number cannot be used to locate him in any official capacity. But there are techniques you can try, and some of them may even help.

Let’s delve deeper into this topic of conversation.

TextNow Number Lookup

TextNow Number Lookup by iStaunch allows you to see who is associated with any given TextNow number. To follow the number, type it in and hit the play button. After that, you’ll be presented with the owner’s full, verifiable identity information for their TextNow number, including their name, email id, address, city, and more.

Phone Search via TextNow

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How to Track a TextNow Number for Free

Method 1: Create Second TextNow Account

A new TextNow account can be made, a new number obtained, and the individual texted. You’ll need to think of a story that the other person can identify with or that will convince them of something.

textnow number lookup

If you can get the other person interested in your stories or establish a good rapport with them, you may be able to learn their identity.

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Method 2: Observer TextNow Number

The following are all examples of what can be seen when a TextNow number is used.

  • Details about the account holder, including their first and last names, are shown. If everything checks out, you’ll learn the person’s name.
  • You may have some idea if the user entered his email address correctly.
  • Check the call logs to see if the number has been recorded in any previous calls. Then you could try to remember the solution and act on it instinctively.
  • You can also look through your text message logs to see if you’ve ever communicated with that number before.
  • The user’s location can be determined based on the IP address of the device being used; however, you will not have access to this information.

According to its privacy policy, TextNow will not disclose any of the information it collects about you, including your IP address, email address, mobile phone number, call logs, and messages.

The only time the company will give out user information is if a court orders them to do so or if the user is an investigating officer or government law enforcement officer.

How to Lookup a Text Now Number and See Who It Belongs to (Video)

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