The Quickest & Easiest Way to Reactivate Disabled Uber Account

After temporarily suspending your Uber account, you can turn it back on at any time. For unknown reasons, Uber accounts are sometimes disabled as well. When your Uber account is activated again, you can use it. The time required to reactivate is considerable.

Let’s find out why your Uber account has been disabled and how to fix it.

How to Get Your Uber Driver Account Reactivated AFTER Deactivation.

Steps to reactivate disabled Uber account

In the case of using the Uber app on a mobile device, the first step is always to enter a phone number. App-wise, Uber has undergone a system shift. A valid Email address is no longer required to create an account. A user’s phone number is all that’s needed to create a new Uber account.

The reactivation procedure can be initiated from any web browser, computer or mobile device. You should use the browser version to help you.

Let’s take a look at how to get your Uber account back online after it’s been temporarily deactivated.

  1. Get online and load a browser:A desktop browser can be opened.
  2. Start up Uber:Go to Uber’s homepage and hit the “sign up” button.
  3. Write out your complete name:Now, please identify yourself by typing your full name into the first name box.
  4. Simply key in your phone number here.Replace it with the same number you just entered.
  5. Fill in Your Email Address Here:Put in your Uber account’s email address.
  6. Input the secret code:The next step is to log in with your password and confirm your registration.
  7. Pull up the Uber app on your phone:You should launch the Uber app right now.
  8. Enter your login information:Use that same number to enter your Uber account.
  9. Stay away from the OTP:Now, an OTP code will be sent to that number from Uber, but there is no need to verify it.
  10. Select “I forgot my password” to proceed.Select the “forget password” button now.
  11. Activate your inbox:To start sending and receiving emails, launch your email client. Your Uber account password reset email is on the way.
  12. Examine your mail:Look at the letter Uber sent you. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your junk mail.
  13. Use the link below:There will be a link toward the bottom or center of the email. To proceed, please click the link.
  14. If you need to reset your password, here are the steps to take:Put in the new password twice to make sure it sticks.
  15. Release the app’s cover:Start the Uber app and sign in.
  16. You can access the main menu by clicking the “three dots”Choose a menu item by clicking the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner of your app.
  17. Select “Settings” from the menu.The primary menu has recently been updated and now features additional selections. To adjust preferences, select “settings” from the menu’s sub-items.
  18. Get your current name and phone number by tapping the appropriate buttons:Your name and phone number appear at the top of the app screen. You can make changes by tapping that link.
  19. Hit the keypad and enter the digitsYour phone number will be front and center. Click it and enter your phone number.
  20. Verify the One-Time Password:Your new Uber phone number will receive the OTP. Make sure your phone number is correct.
  21. Go ahead and type in the secret code:Type in your one-time password here. Your account has been updated with your new number.
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You have successfully linked your phone number to your Uber account. Following these steps, you can restore service to your Uber account using the same phone number.

How to reactivate disabled Uber account with Uber help, if Uber deactivated your account

If Uber has deactivated your account, you should contact them directly for assistance. In this case, you just need to reactivate your account by following a few easy steps.

  1. To activate Uber, just:Launch your web browser and go to
  2. Select the “Accounts & Payments” tab:You can now make out individual pieces. Select the “Financials” tab.
  3. Select “I’m having trouble logging in”:Select “I can’t sign in to my account” to continue.
  4. Fill out the form below:On the next page, you’ll find a form where you can provide the following information:
    • You need to fill in your full name there.
    • Put in your number here.
    • Outline two Uber rides you’ve taken recently. Please describe your most recent two trips here. The ride can be discussed in detail. You may include the pickup and destination addresses. You’re welcome to reminisce in detail about your travel experience.
    • A valid Uber account email address is required.
    • Now, please fill us in on your financial situation. Detail the account’s deactivation in writing.
    • Please re-enter your Email address.
    • Select the “submit” button when you’re done.
  5. Hold tight for an Uber:After the form is submitted, Uber will examine your ridesharing history. After your email has been reviewed, you will receive confirmation. Maintain a consistent schedule of checking your mail. Once we verify your identity, we’ll activate your account.
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If you don’t fill out the form in its entirety, we won’t be able to set up your account. Include as much information as possible so that Uber can make an informed decision. Upon submitting the reactivation form, Uber will activate the account.

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