What are Contraband Coupons Pubg [Solved]

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  1. The PUBG Contraband Coupon is an ingenious means of obtaining cosmetics and building materials in the game.
  2. One crate of illegal goods costs ten coupons and can be purchased once per year.
  3. These containers contain a variety of resources, including schematics, polymer, armor skins (Special range and higher) and advanced ranges.
  4. You can redeem your PUBG Contraband coupons for the latest Season 12 cosmetics.
  5. Crates require a Secret Key to open in Pubg.

How To Get Contraband Coupons Pubg


How Do you Get Contraband Crates on PUBG?

The first step is to access the hidden menu and go to the Contraband section. If you have 10 contraband coupons or 200 G coins, you can buy a contraband crate from this vendor.

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While doing so, you can also benefit from clicking a 10 crate button, which will net you the same rewards but will increase the number of traces and guaranteed skins you receive.

Can you Buy Crates with BP on PUBG?

  • This credit can be purchased with BP (War Points), the game currency gained through victorious play.
  • Limited-edition crates are the lowest quality available.
  • Similar to Twitch Prime crates, these helpers don’t need a key and are free of charge (unless a subscription is needed).
  • However, if you have enough Uc currency in Pubg, you can spend it on crates.

What are the Schematics Used in PUBG?

Polymer and schematics for making weapons are common in contraband crates.

You can make Powerful Weapon skins at a discount with this coupon code. This process can have makeup and animation added to it in stages.

How Many Contraband Coupons can I Buy?

You can now purchase cosmetics and building materials in PUBG by using your seasonal allotment of ten Contraband Coupons to buy Contraband crates (at a cost of ten Coupons per crate).

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This is why we limit each customer to purchasing ten coupons during the course of the season. Furthermore, you’ll have to purchase all new coupons for the upcoming season. The previous versions will suffice.

How do I Get Premium Crate Coupons?

  1. To get a Premium Crate coupon, you need to purchase nine Premium Crown coupons.
  2. A premium crate coupon is worth 12 UC in scrap metal.
  3. A Premium Crate voucher is now worth a total of 120 UC.
  4. In addition, Silver Pieces can be converted into actual Silver.

How do You Get Free BGMI Crates?

For free Classic Crate coupons (or other expired coupons) join BGMI now. To begin, every day, players who visit the Use tab of the in-game store will receive five relics of Classic Crate.

By clicking the Treasure Box button, they can also gain access to five Classic Crate artifacts every day.

How do You Get Scrap in PUBG?

  1. Tools obtained from breaking into Contraband Crates can be used to make purchases from the Scrap Broker.
  2. The Spare Parts are Safe for the Rest of Time.
  3. You can experiment with the enhanced capabilities of each tier of Advanced Weapons Skins and improve upon them with your own equipment.
  4. With each subsequent level of development, a broader array of capabilities becomes available.
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