Why Does Instagram Showing Wrong Number of Posts on My Account?

Instagram is, compared to other social media platforms, a very cool app. Take all the pictures you want, give them a professional touch, and share them with the world. Many people are talking about it on the internet. There’s also a ton of fun to be had with the app’s filter options, so you’ll never get bored using it. Individuals and businesses alike use the app to spread the word about themselves and their products.

why does instagram showing wrong number of posts on my account

It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to use Instagram as a marketing tool, which can be overwhelming to users. Instagram can be a great tool, but it can also cause us problems, and when that happens, we look for ways to fix it. Today, we’ll address one of these problems.

That Instagram post count must have been wrong. At one point, you had over a hundred posts, but now there are only five? Just what is going on here? Why does Instagram think I have fewer posts than I actually do?

It’s a question that’s been trending on Twitter and other social media sites as of late. Our research has shown that many people are having this issue. And besides, they’re as annoyed as we are.

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Instagram has been silent on the matter. However, we have compiled a few potential causes for the viral gram error. Relax and read up on it in our blog.

Why Does Instagram Showing Wrong Number of Posts on My Account?

Let’s assume there is no obvious reason why your Instagram feed would be displaying an incorrect number of posts. Instagram’s count of posts connected to your account may be inaccurate for a number of reasons.

We’ve compiled a list of potential explanations for your problem below. Okay, let’s go through and double-check each of them.

Glitches on Instagram

To begin, it’s possible that a technical issue is preventing you from using the app. Although social media bugs are fairly common, they can have catastrophic consequences for the mobile app on rare occasions. They, too, quickly fix themselves, which is great.

If these bugs are the cause of your predicament, you will just have to wait them out. In addition, there are times when we upload a file only to later delete it from our archives. Even if it’s something we routinely do, there are times when we lose ourselves in it. We are constantly deleting and archiving old posts, and this practice can occasionally cause bugs in the app.

why does instagram showing wrong number of posts on my account

As a result, you’ll need to be patient while the service processes your information and generates a count of the posts that have been linked to your account. You can also try signing out, restarting your device, and then signing back in to see if that solves the issue.

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Using an outdated version of the app

An additional contributing factor to Instagram showing the wrong number of posts on your account is the fact that you are still using an outdated version of the app. After the upgrades, the problem apparently disappeared, as many users who had experienced the same thing reported that their app was functioning normally once again.

why does instagram showing wrong number of posts on my account

What version of Instagram have you been using? Instagram regularly receives updates to fix bugs and introduce new functionalities. You shouldn’t miss out on them. Visiting either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and installing the latest version of the app should fix the issue.

Your post was reported

Everybody knows that if a user’s post or video breaks Instagram’s rules, it will be removed. If you notice an error in the total number of posts, it may be because one of your own posts was removed for not complying with the app’s guidelines.

why does instagram showing wrong number of posts on my account

Therefore, if this happened and many users reported your post, it will be removed from the app. This is yet another reason why the app’s post count could appear off.

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In the end

Our daily blog post is now complete. Among the most common inquiries regarding Instagram is “Why is Instagram showing wrong number of posts on my account?” Today, we discussed this issue in depth.

Even though we can’t pinpoint an exact reason for why this error occurred, we’ve narrowed it down to three possibilities. There are two things we’ve found to be the cause of problems, and both are fixable: app bugs and using an out-of-date version of the app. However, if a report was made about your post and it was confirmed that it violated community guidelines, you will not be able to restore it.

However, if this happens, you shouldn’t freak out and delete the app. Follow our instructions or give it some time, and the number of posts will go back to normal.

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