Why is Dasher Direct Card Not Working?

How well do you know the definition of the phrase “door dashing”? DoorDash is a platform based in the United States that connects customers with local and national restaurants offering delivery services. They teamed up with Payfare to launch the DasherDirect platform for their dasher delivery drivers. You can now access your DoorDash earnings in a convenient manner by using the DasherDirect card, which was created specifically for Dashers.

why is dasher direct card not working

When you use a Dasher Direct card, you’ll have instant access to any earnings from DoorDash. As a result, you won’t have to wait as long to receive your funds.

Additionally, the card provides dashers with access to improved income flexibility and the opportunity to earn outstanding new awards. DasherDirect is a lifesaver for DoorDash drivers in the present day, but the drivers still have issues with the card occasionally.

According to numerous dashers, their cards frequently fail to work when they try to use them. Do you identify with these challenges? Let’s look into the root causes of these problems.

Why is Dasher direct card not working?

It’s not unheard of for people to complain about problems with their Dasher Direct cards. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have any trouble sleeping if the underlying cause isn’t fixed.

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There could not be enough money in your account or you have reached your daily payment limit. However, you would be aware of that possibility. If these are not the root of your card’s problems, you’ll have to keep digging.

Therefore, we feel it is necessary to investigate possible causes before attempting to resolve the matter. What follows is a list of potential issues and their solutions.

#1: Your physical card is not activated

Dasher cards typically fail to function because their owners have forgotten to activate them. One might think this is completely ridiculous, since who wouldn’t use their cards? Unfortunately, this is a possibility; therefore, you should double-check.

New cardholders who haven’t used their cards before are particularly vulnerable because they may not realize what’s going on. The actual card, once obtained, must be physically activated by the cardholder.

Steps to activate your Dasher Direct card:

Step 1: Open theApp for DasherDirectin with your credentialsaccount login information.

Open the app with your touch ID if you’ve already set it up for security purposes.

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Step 2:When you get to the bottom of the page, click theAdditional Symbolicsomewhere down there on the right.

Step 3: When you click the link, a new page with theCare for Cardoption. Click it.

Step 4: As soon as you do, theInsert Card Into Card Reader And Activatechoice here; select that option.

Step 5:To proceed, please input yourProvide the expiration date and the last four digits of the card.in accordance with what’s shown on the screen. Tap on Next.

Scanning a QR code is an alternative option.

Step 6:On the following page, pleaseInnovate a pin. Make a password and then reenter it in the second field to verify it.

#2: Pre-authorization related issues

Your current inability to use your Dasher Direct card could also be the result of a debit pre-authorization hold. There may have been times when you tried to make a payment but were told your application was declined despite the fact that you had the funds available.

In the context of electronic transactions, pre-authorization functions more like a holding charge. Since the transaction between Dasher Direct and the payment service provider must be settled before the payment can be issued, the payment will not be made until the settlement is complete. This payment hold could last up to 30 days, during which time you will not have access to the pre-authorized amount.

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As a result, you need to make sure you have sufficient funds to cover the pre-authorization hold.

#3: Are you using the no-fee ATM?

Over 20,000 ATMs nationwide accept this prepaid debit card. Which means that customers can use it at fee-free ATMs to get cash for their DoorDash orders. Any transactions made at a fee-free ATM are free for your Dasher Direct account.

There are two possible explanations if your card is declined even though there appears to be sufficient funds in your account. You’re not using a no-fee ATM and you don’t have enough cash to cover the fees. Use a fee-free ATM to withdraw cash with the card.

In the end

Now that we’ve reached the end of the blog, let’s discuss what we’ve learned. We discussed the issue with your Dasher Direct card and how to fix it.

We found out that you may have run into this issue because you haven’t started using the app. The issues with pre-authorization were then discussed. And finally, we talked about whether or not you are making use of a fee-free ATM card.

Is there more detail about what went wrong with your card and what you did to correct it? Tell us about it below.

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